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Strategic partnerships are an integral part of our corporate strategy. XORTX Therapeutics (XORTX) is seeking development and commercialization partners with proven competence in garnering new approvals, successfully launching products and are committed to developing novel products that meet the needs of both patients and physicians.

XORTX is developing two products to treat progressive kidney disease in patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) or diabetic nephropathy (DN). The company’s APPKD program is a fast track approach to reposition a new formulation of oxypurinol in this rare disease. Oxypurinol is a drug that has been extensively studied and characterized as safe and effective for decreasing uric acid in a patient’s blood. Recent clinical trials have shown that uric acid concentration in the blood is a risk factor for these patients and that decreasing uric acid has the potential to lower this risk factor and potentially slow the deterioration of kidney function.  XORTX’s XRx-008 program, uses oxypurinol, a drug with a well characterized clinical safety and effectiveness history in a patent pending formulation for this purpose. XORTX is also evaluating several drug candidates for use in treating diabetic nephropathy under the XRx-221 program and in preparation for phase II clinical trials.

Pilot clinical studies published in recent years, suggests that blood concentrations of uric acid may be a causative in hypertension, inflammation, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and health consequences of diabetes such as diabetic nephropathy/kidney injury. The company’s patent portfolio, and similarly this therapeutic approach, continues to be validated in a number of independent studies that show that by decreasing serum uric acid (SUA) can reduce markers of inflammation, progression of kidney injury including protienuria, glomerular filtration rate, hypertension, insulin resistance, and chronic kidney disease, in a clinically meaningful way.

Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD)
ADPKD is an orphan indication disease affecting perhaps 1:500-1:2000 individuals and a leading cause of end stage kidney renal disease. It is a disease representing up to 5% of all patients who have kidney failure before the age of 60 years and is amongst on of the fastest progressing forms or kidney disease.

Evidence from a variety of recent studies has accumulated, supporting the concept that serum uric acid (SUA), when increased above the upper limit of normal is a “causative” mediator of hypertension, with strong secondary basic evidence suggesting a role of hyperuricemia (elevated serum uric acid) in the development of insulin resistance, diabetes and diabetic nephropathy.

Diabetic Nephropathy- A Health Consequence of Diabetes

DIABETES is prevalent worldwide and represents and EPIDEMIC in the US:


Progressive kidney disease -DIABETIC NEPHROPATHY is responsible for nearly half of all kidney disease:



XORTX’s business model is built upon strong basic science, and recent clinical science successes, including:

Given the wealth of data on currently approved XOIs and novel mechanism of action, the introduction of these agents for the treatment and prevention of hypertension, diabetes and diabetic nephropathy represents a highly de-risked opportunity for developing new medical therapies in areas of large unmet medical need.

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