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XORTX Pharma Corp.

4000, 421 7th Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 4K9
Ph: 1-403-455-7727

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XORTX Pharma Corp. is a privately held phase II drug Development Company focused on developing treatments for orphan diseases and health consequences caused by high serum uric acid, using xanthine oxidase inhibitors for the treatment of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and diabetic nephropathy. XORTX Pharma Corp. controls issued patents and patent applications claiming US and Worldwide rights for all uric acid lowering agents for the treatment of hypertension, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and diabetic nephropathy/kidney injury.


  1. Strong Management Team – with experience in early drug development to market approval, tailored to developing Oxypurinol through Orphan & New Drug Application (NDA).
  2. Orphan Drugs = Lower development costs and faster time to market – orphan drugs also have 7 years of market exclusivity.
  3. Numerous phase II clinical trials validate orphan rationale – clinical data has demonstrated that lowering serum uric on early-stage hypertension & progressive renal injury can improve clinical outcomes.
  4. Oxypurinol has a well established effectiveness and safety profile.
  5. Precedent for companies focused on orphan diseases have been acquired – demonstrates market appetite for this therapeutic space and validates the return on investment opportunity.

XORTX Pharma Corp. was incorporated in August 2012 with its head office located in Calgary, Alberta.